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 become an online bookie

How to become an online bookie nowadays? That isn’t something very complicated to achieve, although it isn’t easy either. Even today there when are more and more sports betting houses, not everyone is capable of managing them correctly, much less achieving the expected success.

To become an online bookie, some qualities are necessary that you must know, in addition to other essential elements that you have to guarantee before and after starting.

To become an online bookie you need three things: knowledge of the business, infrastructure and imagination. Let’s take a closer look at what we mean by these three elements.


To become an online bookie you need the necessary knowledge

You might think that’s the most logical thing in the world. However, oddly enough, every day more people start a business without knowing thoroughly every aspect. If you want to become an online bookie, you have to seek to be the best of all, or the competition will eat you.

There is no use wanting to have a farm if you don’t know anything about farming, or biology. If you don’t know about the process of harvesting, processing and growing vines, it’s unlikely that you’ll succeed in that business. Perhaps you’ll learn a lot and get it after the experience gained through mistakes and failures. However, first you have to be prepared to lose a lot of money.

Therefore, to become an online bookie, it is first important that you know this business from every possible point of view. Don’t worry if you don’t know everything: everyday you learn more. At least that should be your goal, both at work and in life. This is a business that evolves daily, and you must do with it, or you’ll be left behind.

The operating license

All countries have their regulations regarding the game. Therefore, in order to become an online bookie and have a respectable and legal business, you have to get the license to operate.

The license not only allows you to have your business, but it tells your customers that you are legal and can trust you with their money. Without a license, you are nothing.

You must have a merchant account

By becoming an online bookie you have to be able to collect and pay your clients at any time of the day. For that you need to have a merchant account. This type of account is paramount in this business.


Get a dedicated server

The dedicated server will be the one that allows you to operate thousands of clients and operations simultaneously without affecting the quality of the software or the user experience. Keep in mind that by becoming an online bookie you’ll have to manage the accounts of all your clients, place bets live, programmed, sports or games, from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. Therefore, you need this server to achieve it.

Buy professional software

Having the best professional bookie software is paramount when it comes to becoming an online bookie. With this software you’ll be able to build and manage all the platforms you like and as you prefer.

The software will be the one that allows you to custom design each aspect of your website, customize it for all tastes and have the best management and navigation of all. Only with the best professional software, you’ll be one step away from becoming the best online bookie of all.

On the other hand: What can not be missing to become an online bookie? There are two basic elements that you must explore and exploit in this type of business: casinos and sports betting.

Casino games

It is impossible to become an online bookie without having a casino. Nothing moves the player as much as gambling at the casino. It doesn’t matter if it’s blackjack, poker, roulette, slots, bingo, baccarat among thousands of other different games. The opportunities are endless.

Also, nowadays we have the possibility to play these casino games with professional dealers. This type of casino is one of the most requested today.

Sports bets

This is the other side of the coin that you must master if you want to become an online bookie: sports betting. Of course, no one knows all the sports you can bet on. That is why you should include the vast majority of sports on your website.

There are sports that are the stars in every bookmaker: horse racing, football, soccer, baseball, basketball, golf, hockey, among many others. There is no doubt that they are one of the most followed sports worldwide. In addition, each one has at least one major global event a year. This causes the stakes to skyrocket exponentially.

You must know about each of these sports and events, follow the news and keep statistics in real time, to have the best odds of all. This is what will guarantee your success.

Payment methods

The greatest variety of payment methods that you can integrate will guarantee the greatest amount of money to enter. By becoming an online bookie, you guarantee a large number of payment methods to be able to receive and transfer from any country and in the most convenient and economical way for your client. We know that there are methods with lower commissions than others.



When you look for references for bookmakers, among the main features that stand out are the welcome bonuses and special promotions. By becoming an online bookie you’ll never see this as giving away money, but as a bait to hook the client. Once he bites into it, it’s yours.

As in sport fishing, the more imaginative the fly/bond you use, the more chances of catching you’ll have.

Design various marketing strategies

There are hundreds of digital marketing strategies that you can use to become an online bookie quickly. However, you should be able to create some that exactly fit the needs and characteristics of your business. SEM and SEO positioning campaigns must be thought out and designed based on your business.

Not always what is standard, what is comfortable, easy or safe is the most appropriate. Always try to think outside the box and be innovative. That will always be appreciated by the customer.