Betting software for bookies. Tailored solutions for sportsbooks

Betting software for bookies

Pay Per Head provider on the market claims to have the best betting software for bookies. And they are not wrong. True, there may be someone who says that not all “Pay Per Head software isn’t good”. Of course, that will depend on the needs of each bookmaker to determine whether, or not, the software works for them.

How to know a betting software for bookies is good?

The best way to determine the quality and reputation of a betting software for bookies may be by recommendations. These can be from other bookies, as well as the feedback that you are going to get from your players.

These sites perform detailed analysis of each of the components, services, platforms and tools provided by the main providers.

Through these reviews, the bookmaker will learn in detail about each provider’s Pay Per Head software component and its rating.

But there are specific basic features that all software must have to be at least functional for the bookmaker. Some of those features are:

Betting lines

Good bookmaker software should give you access to a full catalog of betting lines for sports and events from around the world.

In addition, the bookmaker must have the possibility to select the betting lines that he wants to promote on his betting site and modify them if he wishes.

Most Pay Per Head companies offer bookmakers carefully selected betting lines that are profitable for business and attractive to bettors.

But good betting software gives the bookmaker the option to move the betting lines to their liking if they deem it necessary.

Software easy to use

The best betting software for bookies is Pay Per Head. Of all the ones on the market, it is the easiest to use. With some few clicks, the bookmaker can create comprehensive reports of all the betting activity that the company has recorded during the day.

In addition, bookmakers can see everything that happens on the betting site in real time.

A good betting software allows bookmakers to set betting limits per sport and player at any time without much hassle.

In short, good betting software gives the bookmaker full control over their business and everything that happens in it.

Casino games, sports and racetracks

Good betting software should allow the bookies to access alternative lines of business, such as horse betting or casino games. Through these alternative lines of business, the bookmaker will be able to increase their income and create a stable cash flow throughout the year.

This is where most Pay Per Head software on the market fails, as not all of them provide access to these alternative sources of income.

Leagues and championships do not last the whole year. So when the league is over, do you have to stop betting? Not at all. For that there are hundreds of casino games, racetracks, and so on. With such a variety of offers, you can be betting all year long without stopping.

Extreme UX in betting software to bookies

User experience (UX) is a vital element to take into account for a bookie when it comes to betting software. UX defines everything of how the player interacts with your software.

Of course, as each costumer different, has a different life, different tastes, is used to do things differently than other people. I mean, the user experience is never the same in each client. Maybe what is good and easy for me, may not be the same for you.


Navigability is essential in a bookmaker betting software. If you have software that is easy to navigate and that facilitates access to all windows and menus, this will result in a very good user experience. This, because navigation is a vital part of the UX.

Intuitive software is software that is easy to navigate. If the client feels comfortable browsing your web page, they will not look for anything in another. Of course, it will also be positively reflected in the customer experience. Navigation has to be effective and efficient at all times.

No one has to waste three minutes on something that could be done in one. Paths must be clear and direct to gain efficiency.

Bookie software with multiple amounts of games and sports

Don’t you want to bore the customer? One or two sports, or online casino games or horse racing, do not make any sportsbook entertaining; not much less attractive. An attractive betting software for bookies has hundreds of different sports, thousands of different leagues, tens of thousands of online casino games and different modes of betting.

Of course, it also has horse racing, greyhounds and any other animal that can compete in running. If you want to attract a large clientele, and even more: you want to keep them with you, then you have to offer diversity, variety and flexibility.

Tailor made solutions for betting software for bookies depending on your needs

The betting software for bookies must always be tailored. None of what I have said above could be possible without the bookie being able to design every aspect of his sportsbook. It’s his sportsbook, he knows that. But do others know? Where can the customer see it? The name of the sportsbook says nothing.

What really says that it is yours is when you want to manage an account and increase or decrease the credit; when you modify the interface to make it more intuitive, more to your personal taste. Your sportsbook will scream your name when you can make it yours from the start. Create that sportsbook identical to the one you would like to bet on.

In the same way that you arrange the furniture in your house, give it color, change the decoration, so you have to do it with your betting software for bookies. Manage each account in a personal and differentiated way. Even your own if you want to have one as a player. In addition, you must be able to design the form of statistical reports and others. In short, everything on your platform must be made to measure.

Even if it’s inspired by a standard template, you should be able to modify and transform it until it’s completely your own.