Buy betting platform, learn how to do it and what you’ll need

Buy a betting platform

Why to buy a betting platform? Currently, websites are used for endless things, from providing information to people and institutions, to buying and selling products and services. They are a great means of communication, and it is the best option if you are looking to create your own business, due to the great exposure they offer, and the low maintenance costs compared to traditional businesses.

Having a website provides security and credibility for the product or service that is being offered, it also allows it to be visible in search engines from anywhere in the world, hence the importance of creating a structure in which the content is attractive and relevant to users. Aka: potential customers.

Why buy a betting platform?

Online betting sites have become an increasingly common activity since you do not need to leave your home to bet, no matter where you are, be it in the office or from the comfort of your home, as long as you have a device with internet access you can enter the betting system, generating many profits.

The Google Trends tool allows you to analyze the popularity of Google searches, according to the region and a given time. You can verify the relevance of the searches “sports bets” today.

With just a little search you can see steady growth in online sports betting searches from all over the world, which have represented a growth of more than 50% in just the last 12 months, from all over the world.

Online gambling moves $5.4 billion and has grown more than 300% in the last 5 years. According to data from Strendus, today 80% of these sports bets are carried out on mobile devices, while in other countries in the region up to 40% are still made on desktop computers.

Of the profile of the bettors, 56% are between 25 and 35 years old. In addition, 75% of the players have a higher education study record, so they have a high purchasing power.

These sites usually offer a wide variety of games, from all kinds of sports betting to casino games. However, it is important to emphasize that you should play for entertainment, having responsibility and self-control, without spending exorbitant amounts of money unconsciously, avoiding leading the player to take bets as a great vice.

How to create your betting website?

  • The first thing you should do is write a business plan detailing how the website will be run, how the brand will be advertised, and how the challenges ahead will be addressed. One option, if you’re inexperienced, is to download free business plan templates from several places online.
  • It is necessary to be in a location that issues licenses for online gambling companies. Some countries offer well-regulated casino licenses for extremely high values. On the other hand, others offer licenses well below those prices. More information about gaming licensing options can be obtained from some specialized websites.
  • Select a software provider to create the online sports betting platform, follow the next guidelines and others on this web, and buy it. There is software for casino games, sports betting, poker, or a combo package that incorporates all of these.
  • You are going to have players from all over, so you need to make sure you have a wide range of online payment methods to deposit and withdraw funds. Only in this way will you be able to facilitate and enable payment from the largest possible number of payment methods existing in the different countries. For that, the first thing is to open a merchant account in various online payment networks is essential for the smooth operation of your casino. Hire a web developer to design the website. This should bring together the software and your payment mechanisms in a format that the consumer will recognize and be responsive to. Alternatively, a pre-designed template can also be purchased.
  • Develop an advertising strategy to promote your website. Social media ads, and radio and television advertising are good options. Another popular option is to take advantage of affiliate marketing tactics.

Customizable betting platform

If the betting platform you are going to buy is not customizable, you will achieve little or nothing. The only way to be successful with a sports betting platform is to create pages with menus, accesses, and other features, always based on the tastes and needs of you and each client.

In order to be able to easily manage your account and that of the players, to fulfill each requirement that we will describe in the following sections, you must be able to customize the betting platform that you want to buy.

Make sure you cover as many sports as possible

This is a key point when buying an online betting platform. The number and variety of sports you can cover will be directly proportional to the number of customers. It is an undeniable reality.

We may all like or bet on a sport or two; but what are those sports? Maybe me and two thousand other players like soccer and basketball ball; however, another three thousand people are lovers of horse racing and another five thousand love tennis.

The same goes for casino games. You have to make sure that the betting platform you are going to buy has the possibility of being able to choose the sports you want.

Also, of those two thousand equal soccer fans like me, not all of us will follow the same leagues. You must make sure that you can also manage each of the leagues of all countries.

Software with betting and live streaming

Something essential is to buy a sports betting platform with games, events, sports, and live dealers. Almost all the sportsbooks in the world buy the broadcast rights of the main sporting games and events, such as soccer classics, Olympic Games, World Cups, and so on.

One of the main incentives of this feature is being able to bet during the game or event in question. For that, they can also access statistical data in real-time. This helps a lot when making decisions When you are not sure of what or on whom you are going to bet. There are dozens of betting methods for matches and live events.

Another very attractive and demanded feature is live dealers. It’s almost as exciting as being in a casino in Las Vegas. This is a highly demanded game modality today. But for that, you need to buy a state-of-the-art and very well-developed betting platform. Just like the one we offer you in Truebookies.