How to choose the best Pay Per Head for you?

The Pay Per Head is an essential part of your gambling site if you wish to have success as a bookie. It’s also a very delicate one, choosing reliable and good software for your clients is half of the battle.

As it is really important to know about it, you will learn how to choose the best Pay Per Head software for you. This guide is intended for new entrepreneurs that don’t know anything about this topic, to give a clear look at what they need to know.

A Pay Per Head software is a system that will allow your clients to place bets on their different teams. This means that you don’t have to do the counting for yourself and allows you more time to focus on other things.

This is a service that you can acquire online, and it is easy to operate, or don’t even have to operate it. But there is some technical information you need to have about it so it is the best suited for your page.

What is the process to choose the best bookie software?

There are many options to choose from out on the internet, but which one is the best? This question has practically no answer, it will depend on your site and the goals you have for customer service.

We recommend you first take pencil and paper and write down the idea you have for the software of your page. This way you can start looking for something concrete, instead of visiting the different websites without actually knowing what you are doing.

The next step is to start trying out different options, see what they offer, and communicate what you exactly need. You have to know that the cheapest isn’t the best option, nor the most expensive makes best.

You need to see what the Pay Per Head software service offers and compare it with your website’s needs. Like how many sports they cover, the different categories they have, and what is the reach of the software.

As general information, the average most of the software charge to your page is 10$ per client. Not all of them have this price though, some are cheaper and some more expensive, but this is average.

What should I be considering to get a PPH service?

There are certain elements to pay attention to the most when you are choosing a specific Pay Per Head software. Here are some of the most relevant, the ones that have the most impact on your website’s success.

If you pay attention to them, you will see that most of them are especially focused on client experience. Which is, in practically all the businesses in the world, the most important thing to look forward to.

User experience

The friendliness of your website with the clients is practically everything, how comfortable you feel when gambling. It has to do with the accessibility of the page, the navigation, and the orientation of the website. You want to have an organized, well-achieved, and intuitive interface on your website.

You don’t want to have your clients trying to decode your website so then they can gamble. The easier it is for everyone; the more success you are likely to have with your project.

Support team

When you have a problem on a gambling site, if it is your first time, you will 100% just panic right away. We are talking about your money here, that is a delicate topic, so everyone expects good customer support.

Having a chat or a way to communicate with the website when you are having trouble is appreciated. You can develop FAQs, articles, guides, video tutorials, having a live chat, and more strategies for customer support. But the most important thing is to let your client know that you care about him, that will give you a really good reputation.


Security is simply one of the most important features a gambling site needs to have, seems obvious, but maybe is not. The more security you give to your clients, the fastest you will grow in this business. You can try getting approval from different organizations as a bookie. Also, allowing your clients to see by themselves the security systems you have for them is essential.

Seize the trial periods

Most of the Pay Per Head software companies on the internet will offer you a trial period. Most of them do not charge anything, just try out the software for a month, this way you see by yourself what they offer.

Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions, we are talking about the success of your business here. You can test the three of the points we talked about before, and see how strong they are.

If you have any inquiries or expect something else from the software, it is always good communicating it. Most of the companies can adapt the software to your needs, for a small extra fee that definitely is worth it. If you have some programming knowledge or have a friend who knows about it, it will be better.

The truth you should know about Pay Per Head software

A common mistake many new bookies do is relying too much on their Pay Per Head software. It is essential for a gambling website to function, but is not everything, you will also need to make some effort.

It is an investment that requires a lot of money, it is not just the online mobility, but the bankroll you need to have. You will need around 10.000$ for every 15 or 20 players, so be prepared.

Starting as an online bookie will require more than just a Pay Per head software, it is a full-time job that demands attention. Don’t think it is just like sitting and waiting for the money to drop on the table.