Most Used Sport Betting Strategies

Most Used Sport Betting Strategies

If you think about how to win money while you play or watch your favorite sports, you should consider what are Sport Betting Strategies. If this is what you want, then, the following information will be relevant to you.

The knowledge related to this topic will let you know the available options of a determined sport.

The information we are sharing; will let you analyze the most important options, so that you could understand what are the sport strategies mostly used by the betting experts.

4 Strategies for Sport Betting

It is widely known that in Betting Strategies there are no precise plans to gain great profits, but you can get great profit probabilities using some of these methods.

Betting is every day more attractive, that’s way, this article will cover the most effective strategies, so that your profit probabilities can be maximized.

For many, it has been difficult to understand, so, only 4 strategies for Sport Betting will be considered. With practice you can completely manage them and achieve your objectives.

These strategies are the following: Directional betting, Surebets, Sport trading and Combined betting. Get to know each one well.

Directional Betting

Sport Betting Strategies for Directional Betting, are best understood if the 4 notions about quotas and hit probabilities are analyzed.

The following two concepts will help to better distinguish their purpose:

• The hit probability assigned by a betting house where the hit probability is real
• The hit probability assigned by a betting house is ruled, as any probability, by the following formula:
(1/quota) x100= hit probability.

An example from sport life: Suppose that the Suns victory pays a quota of 2,10, we substitute this value with the general formula and the probability is obtained.

The procedure is as follows:

Formula = (1/quota) x 100 = Hit Probability turns into
(1/2,10) x 100, This is, divide 1 into 2,10 and multiply the result by 100

The division result is 0,4761904762, then this number is multiplied by 100, and the outcome is 47,61904762, which is the Suns probability of success.

From there, the betting house will give 47,61% of probabilities that the Suns win the match. The lower the quotas are, the higher the possibilities of winning.

As everything is possible in a game, the percentages given by the betting houses are not infallible. And the money obtained could be less.

The Probability of Real Hit is similar to the above. It is also calculated with the following formula:

(1/ team’s A quota) + (1/team’s B quota) + (1/tie quota).

Unlike the above probability that doesn’t consider the profit margin that each prediction produces. Here, it is taken into account to see how much they generate.

The example is the same as above, taken from real sport life. Consider the Barcelona and Sevilla teams from the First Division of the Spanish League.

The quota for the Barcelona victory is 2,70 and the Sevilla pays 3,40 to the winner and for the tie of both teams the quota is 2,4.

So, the general formula is applied substituting the values:

(1/ team’s A quota) + (1/team’s B quota) + (1/tie quota).

And you follow the same procedure:

(1/ 2,70) + (1/3,40) + (1/2,40). Divide 1 into 2,70, 3,40 and 2,40. Then add the three results.

The outcome of these operations is 1,08. So, the profit margin of the betting house is 8%. With this outcome you could know what the payment percentage will be.

The Payment Percentage is also calculated with the following formula:
(1/ Profit margin) x 100 = Profit Percentage.

This last outcome is what the betting house will pay the winners.
Applying the formula for Profit Percentage, then you have:

(1/ 1,08) x 100, the result is 92,59259250% to pay the winning participants.

By this it is understood that the house remains with approximately 8% of the bets and that it never enters the game, while it pays 92%.

With these other formulas, you can get the Real Probability Hit:

(1/ team’s A quota x Payment Profit) and (1/ team’s B quota x Profit Percentage).

Do the same with the ties: (1/tie quota x Profit Percentage).

Follow the last example, and substitute the values:
(1/ 2,70 x 92), (1/ 3.40 x 92), (1/ 2.40 x 92) and do the corresponding Maths.

The outcome is as follows: A team has 34% winning probability; team B has 27% of winning probability and the tie between both teams has a 38% of probability.


Another betting Strategy is Surebets. It is simply referred to a combination of strategic bets, made in several betting houses.

What is less important here, is the outcome of the match or event. The first thing is to know the Profit Margin of the betting house, based on the above formula’s application.

If the betting house has a quota higher than 1, as the above example which was 1,8. Thus, you can combine different betting houses quotas to get them lower.

Continue with the above example: We will use three different betting houses: 888SPORTS, WILLIAM HILL and PASTON, whose quotas are 2.10, 8.10 and 4.20 respectively.

The outcome is 0.8377425044, that’s the Profit Margin you are looking for, because it is less than 1, that’s why the outcome of the match is not important.

Two bets are always lost and one won, which will be the one to help recover the bet, together with the profits that the betting house must gain.

But it is not always easy. What is more difficult, is to get or find the quotas to be able to carry out this kind of bets to satisfy your objectives.

Sport Trading

Trading, is a Sport Betting Strategy that has to do with commerce or sport negotiations. It permits the match development to be specifically negotiated.

Here the bets would be for the team that has more opportunity to win, then if they score the quotas will go down for the bets to be against.

With this movement, that seems weird, what is to secure the profit no matter what’s the game’s outcome. Betfair is the house permitting this kind of bet.

The formula to use is the following:

(Quota of the first bet/quota of the second bet) + (first bet amount) = amount you should bet against.

A real example with the Madrid: the first quota bets 2.30, the second bet is 1.80 and the amount of the first bet is $100.

When you apply the formula it is: (2.30/1.80) + 100 = $127,7777778 which is the second bet that could be made against the Madrid before they score a goal.

Attention to low quotas and Combined Bets

In case of low quotas Betting Strategies do not warranty reliability when investing or betting a lot of money, because there are always surprises.

It would not worth it to bet a great amount of money for so little profit. To understand better: with a 2.05 quota you will receive $ 205 for each $ 200 you have bet…Is it worth it?

Investing so much to gain so little is a personal decision. Even though the risk is not as big, many times it doesn’t worth running the risk for a small profit.

In case of Combined Sport Strategies, the experts advise to avoid them completely, because they offer so much money and they make you lose the reality of gaining it.

It is said that the most safe and habitual Combined Bets could end up failing, so, therefore, the experts say that you can run the risk of losing.

There are many factors to consider when you are going to bet. In spite the knowledge you have about a sport, it is best to follow the strategy advises.