Online betting Colorado – how gambling started in colorado

Online betting Colorado

Online betting in Colorado is quite recent. In fact, they are fully legalized two years ago. This may seem very strange if you know a little about the history of sports betting in the United States. However, if you don’t know her, here’s a short summary.

Casinos and sports betting are nothing new in Colorado or the United States; in fact, they have been familiar with casinos for quite some time. In this regard, it’s very important to remark that it was in Colorado that the first purely American brick-and-mortar casino was built. This event took place back in the year 1822.

Indeed, this didn’t last long, since the Puritan movement of that time was very strong. Just as they were inaugurated, they were made illegal throughout the West. Of course, not without many protests and disagreements.

However, despite these protests, times changed and in 1950, racing became legal and Colorado was able to bet on horse and greyhound racing. Of course, it’s necessary to clarify that greyhound racing was prohibited as of 2014.

It wasn’t until 1991 that casino gaming was legalized in Colorado. However, they had some limitations. These limitations referred to the bets, the age, and especially, the place. On the other hand, all those who were betting in Colorado did so in person, the online era had not yet begun.

So, what happened to online betting in Colorado?

Just like in the 1950s, times have changed, and while this has favored online betting in Colorado, the cost is immense. The main change was the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic, preventive confinement, and other measures of social distancing pushed the planet towards the digital world.

Shopping, e-commerce, telecommuting, classes, courses, events, betting, and everything that could be done online in Colorado and the world, was done. Online betting was allowed in Colorado as of May 1, 2020. It wasn’t just to make it easier and encourage people to stay at home (something extremely necessary at the time) but to rescue the economy. Given the cancellation of very important sporting events and the uncertainty of when and how they would take place, the decision was made to approve online betting in Colorado.

At first, only four online sportsbooks were confirmed. However, they were four of the most important of all: DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and BetRivers. Of course, given the success and reception that these sportsbooks had and have, many others joined these first four.

What are the main games in Colorado?

Before answering what are the main online betting in Colorado, let’s see what are the ones in traditional casinos. This way, we’ll see how much the world of betting has changed since the arrival of the online era.

The Colorado Gaming Commission has made sure that your visit to any of the licensed casinos is as complete as possible. Most land-based casinos are quite large, and you should be sure that you will find things to have fun with. Let’s look at a list of all the games with the appropriate Colorado gaming license that you can find anywhere:

  • Slot machines.
  • Dice games.
  • Any board game with cards.

Which are the main online betting in Colorado?

The previous ones are the standard games, and gamblers have the opportunity to enjoy them in the casinos … if they decide to go for them. That is the main differentiation of online betting in Colorado or anywhere in the world.

In addition, sportsbooks not only host bets on the same games of chance as conventional casinos, but also sports betting and thousands of other online and live dealer games. Also, bets can be made before and during the competitions.

Since online betting was approved in Colorado, more than one hundred million dollars in profits have been reported each year in online sportsbooks.

Let’s see a small list of some of these sportsbooks.

Top sportsbooks of online betting in Colorado

DraftKings Sportsbook


With a welcome bonus of $1000.00 plus a risk-free bet of $50.00, it becomes one of the most attractive sportsbooks for new users. Also, it features one of the best user interfaces and betting options of all. DraftKing is very creative when it comes to creating new ways to play and bet. An example of this is sports betting groups, as well as contests.

FanDuel sportsbook

Another of the initiators of online betting in Colorado, and one of the best sportsbooks of all. FanDuel has an excellent welcome bonus of $1000.00 to which you add a risk-free first bet. Very attractive, right? There is more.

It is one of the most successful sportsbooks of all. In addition to nifty sports betting offers, FanDuel brings you a very engaging all-around experience, especially for casual users.

Beth MGM

We continue with the first and best sportsbooks in the era of online betting in Colorado. With a $1000.00 risk-free welcome bonus, Bet MGM matches the best on the market.

This magnificent sportsbook has been one of the few to make the transition to the world of online betting. Not only did it do well, but it has become one of the best and most modern online sportsbooks around.

BetRivers sportsbook

BetRivers sportsbook was also in the top four for online betting in Colorado. It has a welcome bonus of $250.00. This sportsbook was originally backed by Rush Street Gaming. It has an excellent user experience and prestige earned over the years that it has been among the best sportsbooks in the United States.

Caesars sportsbook

Caesars sportsbook was one of the first to join online betting in Colorado after the previous four houses. However, it is one of the best sportsbooks around and its magnificent $1,100.00 welcome bonus is proof of this.

It is one of the most trusted sportsbooks out there and the one with the best mobile sports betting app out there.