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Online betting for horse racing

Do you bet on horses? A few years ago, it was not so unusual to see your father with many horse betting slips in hand; in addition to the football ones that are still very popular today. For that reason, we have prepared this selection on online betting for horse racing.

Did you know that horse betting had a format similar to soccer betting, although longer?

The world of online betting for horse racing

Today, with the proliferation of online sports betting houses, they put the calendar of a lot of sporting events that we generally don’t know or don’t usually follow within a click. So if you have ever wondered what online betting on horse racing is, pay attention. I am going to show you the basic tools for you to make your own forecasts in this market.

Equestrian races can be exciting and hard-fought. Especially when there are bets involved. There is a lot of tradition when it comes to betting in this sport and; in fact, it could be said that the very end of this sport is betting.

How to bet on horse racing, basic concepts that you should know

Well, now let’s see what types of online betting on horse racing can be made (especially referring to bets prior to the competition, since live bets are limited to those of a single race and as the competition takes place) :

Online betting horses racing

  • Winner – the bet that everyone thinks of in a race, i.e. predicting which horse will come first.
  • Second position – the same as the previous one, only in this case we will win money if our favorite is second, but also first.
  • The third position – although the amount here is proportionally lower, we can win a prize if our horse is in any of the first three positions.
  • Placed – This market will only be available in certain countries and competitions. And it implies for the bettor a prize according to the position (from the first to the fourth) in which his chosen horse is finally left.

Then we have the combined bets

  • Exacts – here we will bet on which horse will be first and second and to collect a prize (which will be quite large, because they are usually high odds) we will have to hit both positions exactly.
  • Imperfect – we bet here also on the positions of two horses that could be exchanged with each other; that is, if we have horses X and Y, we would win the bet whether the result is horse X first and horse Y second, or if the result is horse Y first and horse X second, but we would not win anything if they remain in any other position.
  • Twins– is a combination bet that can be made when there are six or more competitors, and you bet that two horses, X and Y, for example, will occupy the first two positions.
  • Trifecta – we bet here on the exact position of three horses, that is, we bet at the same time on which horse will be first, second, and third.

Horse betting on more than one race

We are talking here about multiple bets in which different races are taken into account, and which in online horse racing receive a very specific nomenclature:

  • Doubles: We bet on two horses, which must be first in two races in a row or in two on the same day; according to house rules.
  • Triples – in this case, we bet on three horses that must be first in three races in a row or on the same day.
  • Quads or pick 4 – we select four horses that must be first in four races in a row or on the same day.
  • Triples with an exchange, hook, and place – in short, this is a bet or rather a group of somewhat complex bets that refer to making a prediction on the horses that will win in three announced races. It is a type of open bet, so the voucher for the winner of the first pass will be redeemed when the second pass is sold. And with this, the same will be done in turn in the sale of the third pass. Sometimes the amount of the bet can be deposited during the second or third pass with what is known as a “down payment”.
  • Chains 5 and 6 – here six horses are chosen that must be in the first position in six races of the programming.

Tips for betting online on horse racing

If you are just starting out with online horse racing betting, these general recommendations will come in handy.

  • First, this is not a game of red or black roulette, it is not just random. As in any sport, you should review the specialized publications. Consult the statistics to familiarize yourself with the horses; the competitions, and all those factors that can influence the result in one direction or another.
  • If in other sports the state of the players must be taken into account, for example, the terrain where they play, the weather, the previous head-to-head… Here too there are many elements that can favor one horse or the other, such as equipment modifications, strategies that trainers are trying, the state of the jockeys; whether the ground is dry or wet, and so on.
  • Do not be sad. There are many competitions to bet on; and if the types of bets have seemed numerous to you, wait until you find Apprentice or Handicap type races, and you will know what is good. The novice bettor should look at one type of race and stick with it until it is mastered. With practice and enough time, you can master all types of racing in general.

This is not a recipe for success, but rather guidelines and criteria that will help you make sharper predictions and more sensitive and potentially more profitable horse bets.

Take notes on each horse race before placing bets online

In online horse racing betting, it is not enough to bet randomly and then try something else. It is convenient to take data, analyze each race and take notes.

  • Even if you’re not good at math, simple probability calculations are within everyone’s reach; and there are plenty of programs and tutorials to help you find the highest value bets.
  • Publicity and big names can serve to guide you at the beginning; but not infrequently the big stables are overrated and the new trainers on the scene can achieve tremendous victories in their debut races, so to speak.
  • Continuing with the previous recommendation, simply betting on the favorite is not usually the most recommended option. Taking into account how the prices are today, it’s best to look at the winner and place options and put money in races with between 8 and 10 runners.
  • Nor should other influencing factors be underestimated, such as the street where each horse runs.