What are racebooks?

A racebook is a list of all the active horse races in the country, even in the world, depending which racebook is. This list is offered to bettors who would like to participate in horse racing bets, an interesting gambling game.

I say interesting because, although it may seem like something completely decided by luck, it is not just like that. There are many things that experience can teach you in this sport, one of them is to calculate the odds.

Something fundamental in the gambling world, but specially in horse racing. Personally, I knew a friend who used to gamble in horse races, but the curious thing is that almost never lost!

He had some kind of machine, which helped him to calculate the odds by putting all the horse information in there. There are many factors to calculate, like horse weight, age, performance, and many more. But most of the times, it gave really accurate result, that’s why I have a special relationship with horse racing.

Today you will learn how you can have fun with horse racing, and maybe winning some money in the process.

How to start betting in racebooks?

Racebooks are very easy to explain, you will have to go either to a physical racebook or a horse racing bet website. Once you are in there, you should verify your identity, then you can proceed to place bets on the horse you like.

There are 3 different kinds of bet:

  • Win: The win is a bet you make for a certain horse to win the race by placing first. If the horse places any other position you lose, but if places first, you will win the bet.
  • Place: When you bet the place, means that you are betting a horse will finish the race in second or first place. If it ends up in either position you win obviously. It gives you better chances to win the bet, but as you can imagine, your winnings decrease.
  • Show: The show means you are betting a horse will place on any of the three first places in the race. As the others, if it places on those spots, you win, if not, you lose.

Your winnings in a bet area also controlled by the odds, which are displayed in the racebook. If a lot of money is placed on a certain horse, it becomes the favorite, if that horse wins, you won’t have a lot of earnings.

However, the horse anyone places a bet on would be “the underdog”. Which means if you place a bet on that horse and wins, you will make lots of money.  This is why odds are really important, choose wisely before betting, some bets are not even worth trying.

Beginners tips on racebooks gambling

Gambling in racebooks is just as any other kind of bet, you should be careful and don’t underestimate it. There are many things I wish I knew before I started with racebooks bets, here are a few of them:

Never get greedy: Might seem obvious but rarely, this is the rule that everybody seems to break. You can achieve this by placing a limit on what you will gamble, and respect that limit no matter what. And of course, have the discipline to respect that limit.

Look for help: A great way to get started is to have someone experienced betting with you, it is also funnier. Make sure this is a person you entrust in, and let yourself be guided by this person. You won’t want to het wrecked just in the first bet, so you better find someone to guide you.

Find all the advice you can on the internet: Nowadays we have this incredible tool called internet, which is a great advantage. Use it to find information regarding the horse betting events and how to bet safely. You can also find really good advice from official casinos and online gambling sites that is really useful. Usually, this information is checked by professionals, so it is a good place to start.

Is there a racebook strategy?

The best way to learn about horse racing betting, is by watching the professionals do it, and calculate the odds. These are two of the main ways to improve your betting sessions, which after all, are like any other game, you get better with experience.

Knowing how, when, and which bets you make will make you a great gambler, and betting is the only real way to improve. You should start by placing minimum or really low bets, to see how it goes. Then, you can move onto higher bets, once you know the mechanics better.

About calculating the odds, there are good ways to know the chances a horse has to win depending on many factors. Those that you can find in the racebook, this is your initial data, and the main information to focus on.

What are the best online racebooks to bet on?

Here you will find a list of the best online horse racing betting sites:

My bookie: This site is mainly popular because of its incredible software for gamblers, combined with a pretty interface. There is also great bonuses for new players, and they give bonuses to everyone every year. This can be a good opportunity to make money, make sure to check it out.

Sportsbetting: This site has four stars out of five, being one of the greatest sites for all sports you can bet. It’s totally dedicated to US players, and also have plenty of payment options, which makes it easier to deposit, it is worth trying it out.

BetUS: We could say this is the most famous online gambling site for US players, that’s why it must be here. If it is famous means a lot of people use it, and if a lot of people use it is a trustworthy site. That’s why this is always a good option for every gambler.