What is a live dealer casino?

There are many live dealer casinos online, in physical casinos you see the table, the croupier and the other players. The environment is pretty joyful too, with the music, excited people and just the soul of a casino. Online casinos try to replicate that experience, and they have done a pretty good job.

The idea is that you have the same experience as if you were in a physical casino yourself. The live dealers, the chat, and the live video call showing the croupier, cards, and other people.

This will absolutely improve your experience, the interface and presentation in online casinos has a great influence on that. Different to other casino games, here you will see your opponent’s face, just knowing you are not playing a machine.

All online live dealer casinos strive to get a unique and appealing software, interface and navigation. So it is more comfortable for the player, they use real tables, streaming mobiliary, real dealers, and everything.

If you want to know everything you need about live casinos, make sure you read this post until the end.

Are live casinos better than normal gambling?

Regular gambling does not have that unique touch the put into live gambling. You simply place your bet, wait for the game to finish, and see if you won or not. It doesn’t mean regular gambling is not fun, just they don’t put that much effort to strive for the realism of the experience.

Betting in a live casino will make you feel like you are in Las Vegas, and you can find great variety of games. Just for you to know, the most popular games in live online casinos are:

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat

One of the greatest advantages is that you can’t meet AIs during live gambling sessions. Playing a bot is sometimes annoying for certain players, it’s better to play a real human instead.

There are no bots in live gambling, and your game is not regulated by the RNG rules. This way you can be sure that your game is 100$ fair, to ensure security and that no one is cheating.

Still many prefer sport gambling rather than live gambling in casino games, of course, casino games are not the same than sports gambling.

What are the advantages of a live casino over regular gambling?

There are many advantages, the thing is, not all games allow to enjoy this live casino experience. Whether you like it or not will depend on what you like the most, if you are into casino games, you will have a good time.

These are the most important assets of live casino gambling:

  • You get to see the croupier: Apart from the fact that esthetically is better, getting to see the croupier is a real advantage. This will give you the reassurance that no one is cheating, because it is practically impossible with the arbiter right there.
  • Involving casino experience: Online live dealer casinos strive for realism, and to provide you the experience of a real casino. You will see the backgrounds, the music, you can start a conversation in the table. This is companied by high-quality graphics to ensure a good experience.
  • The games depend more on skill: As you are not playing AI, is more likely to be playing against human people, and that relies more on skill. Computers make the best move by default, humans commit mistakes that the skillful player knows how to exploit. This is why it is better for poker or blackjack players.

What you should know about online live casinos before start betting

There are some things that you have to know before playing in live dealer casinos to avoid having a bad time. Here is a list of things I wish I knew before start playing in live casinos:

  1. Look for the best casino promotions: Specially for you beginners, when you sign in, there are various juicy bonuses and promotions. Make sure you seize every promotion, you won’t regret.
  2. Develop a strategy: Having a plan is half of the battle won, even in games like blackjack and poker, not everything relies on luck.
  3. Know when you have to stop: Whenever you say “I’ll bet higher so I recover the lost money” you have to stop. Sometimes we get mad, or excited or sad, and when the emotions come in, we tend to take stupid decisions. If you lost a game, and you don’t feel good about it, stop playing, process, and try again later.
  4. Check your connection: Might sound like something obvious, but in a middle of a gambling session, there is nothing more stressful than losing money because of the internet. Make sure your connection is working properly before going into the casino, or you could have trouble.

How to play in with a live dealer casino

Here are the steps so you can start gambling today if you like, the process is easy an simple:

  1. Create an account on your preferred site: You can use BetMGM, DraftKings, or Golden Nugget, they are good sites 100% safe for live casino games. You will be asked personal information, don’t use false information, or you won’t be able to play or even you could have legal problems.
  2. Deposit your money: Before start betting, you will have to deposit the money you want to gamble into the page. You will have to see the payment methods they have available, probably the most useful for you is PayPal. Your money will be exchanged by tokens, that you will use to gamble, make sure to read the terms for withdrawing and depositing money.
  3. Start playing: Once that is done, the easiest part is going into the live casino option and start playing in the game you like. Don’t worry, most sites are incredibly intuitive, so you won’t have any problem to start playing. But there is always the option of looking a YouTube tutorial for the page you chose.