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Betting software solution

We are going to talk a little about some characteristics of betting software solutions, and specifically, the one that we consider the best: Pay Per Head. The demand for this software has been on the rise during the pandemic. It is software designed to satisfy all the requirements of the most demanding bookmakers in the market. With more than 20 years of work, we have brought the betting software solution almost to perfection.

There is nothing you have asked of us that we have not been able to fulfill.

What allows us to carry out this work is the customization capacity of the software that we offer you in Truebookies. This ability allows us to perform and facilitate other essential features in excellent sports betting software. If you can’t believe it, you can try a free demo. The best way to believe is to see.

What can you achieve with Pay Per Head betting software solution?

One of the main merits of this betting software solution is that it significantly lowers costs. In addition, it optimizes processes and your time, so you can focus on other activities. All of this makes your job easier.

With Pay Per Head, you will almost eliminate the margin of human error, and you will make the processes more automated.

If we stick to “time is money”, Pay Per Head is the best sports betting software solution to make money.

Some main features of a sports betting solution software

Ten features enjoyed by bookmakers using Pay Per Head betting software:

Varied payment solutions in betting software

With Pay Per Head software, bookmakers have the solution to collect and pay for bets placed. In this way, they can accept almost all types of payment methods in and from anywhere in the world. Among the most common are debit and credit cards, and bank transfers, and some accept cryptocurrencies.

Custom betting software solution

We already talked about this before, however, it is one of the main characteristics. If you do not create a site with its own personality and customizable at all times, you will not be exploiting the main solution of this betting software. Also, like any Pay Per Head bookmaker, you want your own website to use its own image, as it allows you to create a brand and makes it easier to market.

The software used by Pay Per Head is feature-rich and loaded with tools to help bookmakers manage their business, making them a top Pay Per Head provider. However, the software can also be customized by bookmakers. Change lines on a market or create a betting profile (bet/credit limits) for your players, and much more.

Software with multiple betting options

Your sportsbook software has to provide a solution to the diversity of sports bets, casinos, and others. This will allow their players to bet on more than 80 sports leagues, e-Sports, horse racing, live betting, digital casino games, and live dealer casino games.

Customer service

Pay Per Head is one of the few sports betting software with multilingual customer service agents who are available 24 hours a day via live chat, email or phone.

Live betting software solution

Live sports betting is booming. For that reason, we offer you a live betting software solution with games in more than 80 leagues. Do not miss the opportunity to bet differently. With live broadcasts, you can bet while the match or event in question is taking place.

Betting alerts

Bookies and players will be able to use an instant action ticker and receive betting alert SMS in real-time. This solution is thanks to Pay Per Head betting software that allows you to get ahead of steam games from your player base.

Do not miss any opportunity to bet and win money easily and quickly. Set your alerts and win.

The solution to betting software security

Security is the main thing in sports betting software. No one will trust your money if you are not sure that it will be safe.

Online bookmakers can be hacked at any time. The solution is to protect yourself and your player base by partnering with Pay Per Head betting software. They take care of the security of your website, including DDOS protection.

Layoff account

Have you ever had too much exposure in a game and are worried you might take a big loss? That will never happen with our solution, Pay Per Head betting software, as they have a layoff account for their clients.

This and much more as the leading Pay Per Head betting software solution

Other options for this betting software solution are:

  • Select and hide games at your will.
  • Configure weekly, daily reports or the way you prefer.
  • Make late bets
  • You set maximum and minimum odds, parlays, and other variants in games, horse races, and sports.
  • Add or remove players.
  • Set prices for purchasing points.
  • Manage agent rights.
  • IP tracker.
  • Set maximum daily wins or losses in the casino.
  • Messages to players.
  • Clear bets.
  • Accept or reject sports or leagues at your convenience.

These features are the main advantages of partnering with Pay Per Head betting software solution; but there is still more to discover about one of the best providers of price per head. Pay Per Head has been in business for over 20 years, and they are pioneers in the industry.

They have developed numerous proprietary tools over the years that you won’t find anywhere else, which is a feature that sets them apart from most of their competitors.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these features, please go to Pay Per Head and contact a representative to have them set up a live demo for you. The team will also be happy to help you or answer any questions you may have about becoming a sports bookmaker.