The advantages of betting sites that take PayPal

PayPal betting sites

The passion for sports often goes hand in hand with betting, especially in these times when it is so accessible. Online operators offer the possibility of betting on your favorite sports from your computer or cell phone, even during live competitions. With such an offer, it is not surprising that there are more and more users. Sports bookmakers are constantly expanding, with more disciplines in the catalog, new markets, and competitive odds. They are also expanding the possible payment methods for betting. The classic bank transfers have been modernized, and today the most common means of payment are digital wallets, that’s why PayPal is highly popular on betting sites.

These types of tools considerably improve the gambling experience, as they have minimal handling costs and very fast processing times. PayPal stands out as one of the most widespread companies in financial solutions and online money management: its wide acceptance transcends sports betting and extends to all types of electronic transactions.

Why choose betting sites that accept PayPal?

PayPal started in 1999 and was a pioneer in providing a payment service through the Internet. This system really became popular in 2002, when it was acquired by eBay, and became the payment method of choice for most of its users. The volume reached an incredible $71 billion by 2009, and this system now operates in every corner of the globe.

The key advantages of PayPal for betting sites are that it allows you to deposit and withdraw almost instantly. By keeping your balance in a separate account, you create a barrier between your bank and online betting sites. For many gamblers, this adds extra security, as no gambling site has to retain your banking information.

How to use PayPal at betting sites

When creating an account with a gambling operator, it is necessary to link a payment method. Just select PayPal on the betting site and associate the account. Then you can make your first deposit for betting. Although limits and processing times vary, sports bookmakers with PayPal offer the guarantee that processing times will be shorter than with other payment methods.

Every time you make a new payment, PayPal will appear as the default method. The same applies to withdrawals: when you withdraw your betting winnings, the balance is transferred to your e-wallet account.

Fees depend on the PayPal account, as gambling operators do not charge fees for withdrawals and deposits. This fee is stipulated in advance in the terms and conditions of the service.

The advantages of betting sites that take PayPal

Digital wallets are optimized tools for managing money online. This is why they are so compatible with bookmakers, as these are operators where all funds are handled virtually. This gives methods such as PayPal an advantage over bank transfers or credit cards.

In addition, processing times are very fast. In general, deposits are immediate, while withdrawals take between 1 and 3 business days. This may vary between bookmakers. PayPal has a customer support service that can be contacted without problems to check the status of a pending transaction or to verify the reasons for a delay.

Another virtue is the generous limits on deposits and withdrawals. In the first case, it is a range of between $10 and $600 per day, while withdrawals range from $10 to $3,000.

PayPal also stands out for its strict security systems, which include the protection of personal data through data encryption. In this way, all sensitive user and account information remains protected from any external attack.

Betting sites with PayPal: what to find out before depositing?

Fortunately, PayPal is selective when it comes to choosing which betting sites it allows using its service. This means that seeing the PayPal logo as a deposit option on a betting site is a sign of the site’s trustworthiness.  Most of the operators that accept this deposit method are large licensed brands.

Even with this extra level of security, we recommend you to look for a license, responsible gambling policy, and external certification of honesty. A good reputation for customer service, dispute resolution, and fast, hassle-free payouts are also vital when it comes to online gambling sites. Investing a few minutes to make sure there are no major problems can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

Once the legitimacy of the site has been verified, you can move on to comparing the sports covered and the financial incentives.

Most of the betting sites that accept PayPal are large, so they cover a wide range of popular sports. What you need to do is review the range of bets offered and the value of the odds. Outside the major sports, you will find major differences between betting sites. For example, all the major operators will cover international events, but only a few will have a good range of bets on domestic minor leagues.

Bonuses, promotions, and free bets are all forms of financial incentives. Most of the PayPal betting sites will offer a sign-up bonus, usually between 25% and 100% of the first deposit. The terms of these offers can range considerably. This includes how many times you will have to wager the bonus amount, and the restrictions on these bets (e.g., odds greater than 2-to-1 only). Other bonuses include free bets, or refunds of your initial wager if your team loses.

In the long term, ongoing promotions and offers will be more important than the welcome bonus. The best sites make a real effort to take care of their loyal customers. You can review current (and often past) promotions before you sign up to make sure you know how you will be treated.

If you are looking for a trustworthy betting site you have arrived at the right place, at True Bookies we care for your comfort and safety, that’s why we accept a wide range of payment options like PayPal, credit card, debit, or more. If you want to know more about our Per Head products, feel free to contact us.