Bookie betting software – which to choose

Bookie betting software

There are many things a bookie can do to improve their business, and one of those things is getting the best betting software. It is true that it is not the only thing you can do, but it is the main thing.

Betting software is essential to compete as a bookie, and it depends on whether the client stays or goes to another sportsbook. Unlike physical sportsbooks, where customers don’t have as many options to choose from, there are thousands of online sportsbooks that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time of day. Even being in several at the same time. That is the wonder of technology.

What differentiates this online sportsbook? Your software.

The best betting software offers hundreds of different options for both the bookie and the player. Therefore, the choice of this software should not be taken lightly.

Benefits of a bookie betting software

Since the time of the industrial revolution, it has been sought to maximize the number of processes to be carried out in unison and to do them with the minimum of human effort. Animals were used first, then mechanical machinery, and so on until electronics, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) were reached.

That is essentially what betting software offers the bookie. Forget about collecting the bets one by one, writing them down, counting the money, and delivering the ticket, all within a certain time. Above all, the big difference is that: you will not only have to bet before the sports competition: but you will be able to do it before and during it. Even: months before. But there are many other benefits.

For example, with betting software, you, as a bookie, will not have to collect bets from any of your tens, hundreds, or thousands of clients. The software takes care of that. And not only will it perform that action thousands of times, but it will do so in fractions of seconds and even simultaneously. Nothing you can come close to, match or beat.

In addition, the software will take care of keeping all your data and that of the players. Then, if you ask him, he will give them to you in full or in detail. You can also request statistics and reports to analyze the behavior carried out over time.

You will also be able to manage your clients’ accounts and serve them in a more efficient and personalized way.

All this means that you will have an absolute optimization of time and space, you will earn more money, you will make almost no mistakes, you will exponentially increase your reach and go from being a local business to being international.

What betting software do a bookie use?

Without a doubt, the best betting software for a bookie is Pay Per Head. This is a company that provides sportsbook software all over the world. The Pay Per Head software is the one indicated since it makes an exact balance in the management of accounts for both the bookie and the client. It also has everything you need to bet and be an agent.

Pay Per Head software offers.

  • Bookies pay a low flat rate per head. This way they can keep 100% of the profits.
  • You will have thousands of betting options in multiple variants, both in sports betting and casino, both virtual and live. The best: all for the same price.
  • It is the state-of-the-art software in terms of bookie betting software.
  • Pay Per Head software is simple enough to be used by both the player (who will use it to bet) and you (who will manage the “back-end” of your sportsbook).

What other things does a bookie look for in betting software?

You have to be customizable

The first thing is that it has to be customizable. A bookie does nothing if the betting software he uses does not allow him to adapt it to his needs, tastes, and needs. You have to be able to manage every aspect of the platform and set the limits and settings for each account. Grant the freedom you decide to grant to each particular client. In other words, build your house and furnish it to your liking and comfort.

Easy to navigate

We had already talked about how it should be simple and easy to navigate. This is vital to achieving a good user experience. If it is difficult for the customer to find what they are looking for, or to understand the interface, they will not last long within your website.


Processing capacity is another element that is essential in a betting software and you, as the bookie in charge, must guarantee it. Keep in mind that you have to perform thousands of calculations, reports, data saves, and operations simultaneously.

Real-time online service

In addition, you need an online service along with a menu of options integrated into the betting software through a real-time transmission.

Cover the widest variety of sports

As a bookie, you cannot limit yourself to one or just a few sports, you have to guarantee a betting software capable of managing a wide variety of them. At the same time, you have to leave open the possibility that your clients can choose and filter which of them to follow in their profile.

That is, by opening the range of sports and betting possibilities, you guarantee to attract the largest number of customers. However, these will only bet on a few sports or events. Therefore, they should be able to choose to view only those and not overload their profile with unnecessary information.


The only way to give personalized treatments to your clients is to be able to monitor them. In this way, you will be able to know what sports they prefer, what their streaks are and from there, know what attention, offers and suggestions to offer them and when to do them.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to know to whom and when to impose betting limits if the situation warrants it.

This is only achieved when the bookie is made of betting software with a robust back-end, and that provides all your needs and those of your clients.