ESports betting: What it is and how to get started

ESports betting is different to other sports betting regular gamble, ESports have a special nature. ESports betting is not as popular as regular sports betting, it is the sports gambling for gamers.

The “E” on ESports stands for “electronic”, Electronic Sports are competitive videogames, like DotA, LoL, CS:GO, Call Of Duty, and others. If you are into any of these games, you will surely have a great time on ESports gambling.

These are not the only ones, pretty much any competitive videogame you can imagine has a professional league, which means you can bet on it. Betting on ESports is practically the same than gambling on regular sports.

The same webpages that allow you to gamble on sports have their own ESports section. The process is technically the same, you will have to sign up, deposit money, and then you can gamble and withdraw earnings.

However, there are special sites especially dedicated to ESports, which could be better to join than regular websites. Today, you will learn everything you need to know about ESports gambling and how to do it.

Why is it better to bet on ESports?

If you are more into videogames than regular sports you may find it interesting, and the odds here work very differently. Depending on how your expertise about the game, you can pretty much predict who the winner will be.

There are many games that are very linear, and the odds may be really clear since the beginning. This can give you high-chances of winning, however, you will see it as clear only if you know a lot about the game and the league.

Rather than regular sports, there is no physical contact, or physical factors don’t apply that much. This makes it easier to calculate the odds, and will give you a better chance of succeeding in your bets.

ESports are becoming very popular these days, and they will keep growing, they are taking over games like Poker. Another reason why it is becoming more popular is for their incredible customer service, and comfortable coverage.

Also, everything is controlled by machines, which means that ESports betting can deliver a lot of data, really fast. This means odds are updated more frequently and faster, which improves the gambling experience.

How to start betting on ESports?

To bet on ESports you should use a casino webpage that allows you to gamble, and the process is simple. You will have to create an account, make sure to use your real information, and that you are 21 years old or older.

We recommend you consult the gambling law of your state, not all of the states in the US allow online gambling. After you have created your account, you will have to make a deposit, so you can gamble on different sports.

As a recommendation, you should not use bank transfer to make your deposits, they usually take a lot of time. Take into account that stakes on ESports are considerably higher than in regular sports betting.

You should not start betting on a videogame you know little about or don’t know, that’s always a bad idea. However, ESports betting is not only limited to predict which team will have superiority over which one.

There are many types of ESports betting, we will make a list of the subcategories of ESports betting:

  • Skins betting: Skins betting consists in wagering money in order to get skins of different videogames. With “skins” we are referring to personalized characters, weapons, or assets in the game. One of the most popular is the Counter Strike. Global Offensive skins, some of these skins can cost 10.000$ or more.
  • Challenge betting: Challenge betting is about placing a bet on yourself as a player, rather than rooting for a team to win. This can result really exciting, but make sure you choose a reliable site to bet, otherwise it can be dangerous.

Websites to gamble on ESports

GGBet: On this site you will be welcomed with a 100% match deposit bonus, and it is available worldwide. This site is popular because of the fair odds it offers, and the comfortable interface they offer their customers. The serve is stable, fast, and they offer a great variety of games to gamble.

N1Bet: This website is mainly used by European people, but it also accepts players from the United States. This is a massive website that will offer you more than 500 event a day in different videogames for you to gamble. Users have pointed out their good customer service and variety of payments methods. However, beware, they don’t have PayPal as a deposit or withdrawal method.

BetWaySports: Although this site might not be as esthetic as others, BetWaySports is a great casino for ESports betting. They count with really fast payouts, good security system, and many games to gamble on. Finally, the customer support is excellent following the reviews, an excellent site for you to try.

Tips to be a better gambler on ESports

Remember that placing bets is fun, but it has its science. Here are some strategies so you can have fun and win money with your bets.

Your best strategy will be placing various bets on one event, but in different moments of the game, depending on the odds. If you do it right, you will be in a position where you will win money regardless of who wins the game.

A great way to do this is by playing on different sites at the same time, and placing bets for both teams. This way, if you lose money you will not lose a lot of money, or you can even win every time.

Make sure to take advantage of the sign up bonuses that different pages so you can get the best out of them. Remember that you should always investigate the sign up bonuses different pages offer you.