Online Roulette: Betting Ways and Playing Strategies

Online Roulette: Betting Ways and Playing Strategies


Welcome, this time we’re going to talk about the ways to bet on roulette. It is necessary for you to know them and thus master your way of playing, following the rules of the game.

Next, we will show a series of measures to take into account to fully master this game, referring, of course, to the different types of bets that can be made together with the winnings that would be perceived if you win:


Simple Bet: as its name suggests, this bet is placed on a single number and is the most commonly used in casinos. If the player wins, he receives the equivalent of 35 times what he bet. Not bad, right?


Double or Split bet: In this modality the player can bet on 2 numbers, that is to say, it is the bet that is played simultaneously on two numbers. If someone decides to play this way and wins, the player will receive the equivalent of 17 times what he/she bet.


Triple or trio bet: This bet is for the riskier players because it consists of betting on 3 numbers simultaneously. The player will place the chips on 3 numbers at the same time. And if any of the numbers he bet on comes up, he will win 11 times the money placed on those digits.


Angle or corner bet: This bet consists of placing the chips right at the intersection where 4 numbers coincide. If any of the digits where the money was placed come out, then the player will win 8 times the amount bet.


Street bet: The player will win 11 times the bet and this bet is made across three numbers. The player will place the chip or chips right on the line that is located on the outside of a row corresponding to three numbers.


Line bet or six-line bet: Six numbers are bet simultaneously, and the chips are placed just on the outside line where two rows of three numbers intersect, or, as they are commonly called: two \”streets\”. If the roulette wheel stops on any of the indicated numbers, the player wins five times the amount bet.


Dozens bet: This bet consists of placing chips in the following boxes: 12P, 12M, or 12D. If the player wins, he will double his money. But let\’s see what the 12P, 12M, and 12D consist of

12P represents the numbers from 1 to 12 on the table (the first twelve numbers).

12M covers the numbers from 13 to 24 on the table (the middle numbers).

12D goes from 25 to 36 (exactly the last twelve numbers on the table).


Two Dozen Bet: In this bet, the order does not matter (12M with 12P, or 12P with 12D, or 12D with 12M). If the player wins, he receives half of the bet amount.


Foul\” or \”pass\” bets: This bet is quite particular since it is placed right in the middle of the numbers on the table. If the player places his money on \”foul\”, he is indicating that his bet is directed to the digits ranging from 1 to 18. If, on the contrary, he places his bet on \”pass\”, his bet is directed to the digits ranging from 19 to 36.

In this bet, whether you decide to bet on \”foul\” or \”pass\” if the player wins, he will receive the equivalent of what he bet. That is to say if you bet one dollar you will receive one dollar of profit.


Betting on black or red, also called black and red: Here what matters is the color, since you do not bet on a specific number, but on color. If a zero or double zero comes out, depending on the type of roulette wheel bet on, no color will win. The winning player will receive the equivalent of the amount bet.


Odd or even betting, also called odd or even: The player chooses whether to bet on odd or even numbers only. If the player wins, he/she will receive the equivalent of what was wagered. The number zero does not benefit either choice.



Apply these strategies and play roulette like an expert.


Roulette, like other games of chance, also has its strategies. Below, we will detail what each one of them consists of:


James Bond\’s tactic: It is named after Fleming, the writer of James Bond. Fleming claimed that his strategy was foolproof, so it sounds pretty good, doesn\’t it? What you must have is good money to bet around 200 dollars or more.

Here is an example If you bet 200 dollars. It consists of betting 140 dollars on the \”pass\” (that is: the numbers from 19 to 36), another 50 dollars on the double street from 13 to 18, and the remaining 10 dollars on the zero.

If the numbers from 12 to 12 come up, you lose. That\’s a 25 percent chance against 75 percent. But if the roulette ball lands on any digit from 19 to 36, then you will be the winner of $80.

Finally, if the ball lands between the numbers from 13 to 18, you will win $100, and if you are very lucky and the ball lands right on zero, you will have won $160.


The Martingale strategy: This strategy is a classic, it is considered one of the best-known roulette tactics. It is very simple to apply, players must choose even, or odd, or red or black, and double the bet if they lose. The interesting thing is that statistically, at some point, you win and recover what you have lost.


The Inverted Martingale strategy: Its very name indicates that here you must do the opposite of what you do in the Martingale. If you bet and win, then double the bet on the next round, but if you lose, then you only bet half on the next turn. Here you must also rely on your intuition and good luck.


The D`Alembert strategy: This tactic named after its creator, the mathematician Le Rond D`Alembert. is practically the same as the Martingale strategy, only here there is a lower loss rate? For example, if you lose, instead of doubling the bet, you raise a dollar.


The tactic against D`Alembert: If it is contrary to the Alembert tactic then here when you win, you increase the next bet by one dollar, and when you lose, you decrease it by one dollar.


In summary, knowing all the strategies and ways of betting I recommend you apply them at the moment of playing so that you get the perfect combination of experience, fun, and money.