Sports Betting Retail Client

Sports Betting Retail Client, Is there a bright future?

Sports Betting Retail Client

Retail has long been the cornerstone of the sports betting industry in many countries. And, for a significant portion of bettors, it is the place where they will always choose to place their bets. However, the impact of COVID-19 on the industry has highlighted the need for a more consistent client experience across all channels, now more than ever, to ensure retail bettors can access their favorite sports content without limitations and do some betting.

Although closures have eased somewhat in some territories and the retail sector is starting to experience a return to normal, bookmakers should be prepared for more disruptions in the future.Β With this in mind, it has never been more important for operators to ensure that their online proposition aligns with their retail experience, making it attractive to both their retail and network clients.

Always the best for the retail betting client

Operators must ensure that they offer a consistent experience across all platforms to the retail betting client, enabling a seamless user experience (UX) throughout the day, whether online or in-store.

Of course, some elements of the retail betting experience cannot be replicated online, but there are ways to maximize the online offering to make it as attractive as possible.

Horse racing and greyhound events have traditionally been a strong retail product in the UK market, and have since grown in popularity internationally as well; as we have seen working with clients from Latin America, the Caribbean, the UK, and new markets continue to emerge elsewhere.

Watch and Bet

Offering these types of events online in a “Watch and Bet” format is an effective way to encourage bettors to participate in these sports from desktop or mobile. As with the retail experience, there is no antecedent wager required to view live events. This way allows bettors to become familiar with the markets on offer through live footage.

The ‘Watch and Bet’ model has worked successfully for many international online operators in recent times and has been shown to increase the likelihood of clients placing a bet.

This is why you should emphasize making live betting channels available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As well as offering horse or greyhound racing channels, and mixing them with multiple high margin racing and sports products in one live channel. It always includes quality virtual horse and greyhound racing; providing operators with the opportunity to offer their clients a continuous stream and selection of live betting events, resulting in increased engagement and revenue.

24-hour diversity

Another important factor that will help make online betting more attractive to retail clients is the sheer volume of different markets that are available to them during all hours of the day. In this way, they will not be limited to the opening hours of the stores. Create attractive live betting channels that work 24 hours a day. It offers profitable short betting content every so often, throughout the day. This offers regular opportunities for online punters to bet at times that suit them.

In addition to the more traditional betting markets commonly associated with horse and greyhound racing, the online space can offer a greater number of sports bets to retail clients. These are the ones that can help capture the greatest interest from all types of bettors.

Especially in territories where racing remains an unknown entity to some, derivatives offer operators the opportunity to reach a new audience. Betting markets such as casinos and odds betting can broaden the appeal of these sports due to their familiarity with other popular forms of betting.

Future opportunities for sports betting retail client

The betting retail client sector will always remain an important part of the sports betting industry. However, given the current uncertainty, operators need to improve the client experience across all channels.

You should always work to help broaden the online retail betting experience by providing more products that are familiar to current and future clients. The ultimate goal has to be to offer online traders a high-margin product that is popular with all outlets around the world. Create and design ambitious plans that will, in turn, create even more opportunities to engage with this easy-to-understand product 24 hours a day.

As the sports betting landscape faces new challenges in light of the onset of the pandemic (some of which have benefited us), we are committed to helping you in any way we can. In the same way, you have to offer a very attractive sports betting experience on all channels. We will help you make it possible.

It creates compelling e-sports programming that is well optimized for operators and offers markets and bet types that are familiar to sports bettors. Making the online sports betting client experience as engaging as the retail environment will prove valuable in keeping existing clients and attracting many more over the coming months.

Is there a bright future for retail betting clients?

Retail betting continues to be a lucrative business for a lot of reasons. It can be said that as long as there are major sporting events and online betting platforms, the betting business will remain active among fans. It is a market that is booming and with a low probability of failing in the short and medium term.