Sports betting system software and how always win

Sports betting system software

The betting system is the basis for the most advanced bettors who take advantage of the possibility that sports bookie software gives them. Any may bet on the Internet, according to their abilities, but when someone tells you about the betting system, you know they are not kidding. Do you want to know what the betting system is and how it works?

What is the betting system? 

They are betting strategies very similar to combined bets, but not only that. They are mixtures of combined and simple bets to cover the bettor if the set of the forecast of the combined bet is not given. In short, they are an improved version (according to some opinions) of the combination bets.

Is there a sports betting software for a betting system?

There is no sports software made specifically for the betting system. Users simply rely on the software of online bookies to carry out their analysis and see which betting system is most feasible at that moment.

Basically, we will look for a certain number of odds that interest us, and we will make a combination of them. But we’ll also make simple or combined bets between parts of the global, individual, or group bets, to cover our backs if not all are given. If we do three predictions and two are fulfilled, we will also obtain benefits.

Example of a betting system that can be made in any sports betting software

Now that you already have the explanation of the betting system, we are going to see some examples to specify them. There are many ways to place a betting system and achievable in any online sports software, regardless of its complexity. These are some of the most popular:

What is the Trixie system? It is the simplest system bet, and you can make it on any sports betting software. It consists of 4 bets on 3 events and, in total, we will make a triple combination and 3 doubles crossing each of those events. If all three are given, the prize will be somewhat less than with a triple combination, but if two are given, we will have our backs covered.

Patent bet: This betting system has the same basics and functions as Trixie, but with more bets, because to the 4 bets already mentioned we will add 3 simple bets to each event.

Some betting systems

If you have understood how this system betting pyramid works, you will understand that it can be extended almost infinitely, as the most expert bettors do:

  • Yankee: With 4 forecasts, we will make 6 double bets, 4 triples, and a combination of the four.
  • Lucky 15: Like the Yankee, but adding 4 simple bets
  • Super Yankee or Canadian: This betting system includes a total of 5 predictions with 26 combinations: 10 doubles, 10 triples, 5 combinations of four selections, and 1 combination of 5.
  • Lucky 31: The Super Yankee, but with the added 5 singles
  • Heinz: 6 forecasts forming 15 doubles, 20 triples, 15 quadruples, 6 quintuples, and a combined of the 6. A total of 57 bets.
  • Super Heinz: Extend the pyramid one more step with 7 results, reaching 120 bets: 21 doubles, 35 triples, 35 quadruples, 21 quintuples, 7 sextuples, and one of 7.
  • Goliath: It is the most. It includes 247 bets on 8 different forecasts: 28 doubles, 56 triples, 70 quadruples, 56 fivefold, 28 sextuples, 8 of 7, and one of 8.

Betting systems: How make them?

No, there is no longer another rung in the pyramid. Well, actually, there could be, but it doesn’t have a specific name. But if you have already understood the entire explanation of the betting system, you may be wondering how to get the most out of them in sports. Betting software in front of you. And the answer is very simple: just like you make any other bet.

While it is true that especially from Super Yankee the system gets pretty wild, the basic principles are the same. Know about the markets on which you will bet, calculate that the fee is profitable for the probability that exists, adjust your budget well to the probability of the bet happening, and play safely.

Although they seem very complex and difficult systems, they are actually making high-risk combined bets safer. Do you think that Barcelona, Madrid, and Atlético will win respectively on the same day? Is this how you deduce it according to your forecasts? A betting system (in this case Trixie or Patent) will be much safer than a combo. Lower odds, but higher probability.

Are they advisable? Advantages and disadvantages

In short, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of the betting system?

As we have already seen, we will gain something if any of our forecasts do not come true, but our benefits will be somewhat less than if they all come true.

Even if they are three or four simple forecasts (let’s not say more), it is difficult for them to be given in their entirety. Although it is true that Barcelona, Atlético, or Madrid easily win between 60% and 70% of their matches, they only manage to win all three in 25% and 35% of the matches.

In these cases, the betting system covers you.

As a drawback, some of the most novice bettors can make calculation errors with the most complex systems, especially if they are not meticulous with the concepts such as stake or probability that appear in any of the sports betting software.

On the flip side, they give great knowledge about the markets and odds. Trying to understand and apply these systems will force you to better understand the world of sports betting. Any other system will seem simple to you!

What does the betting system do in sports software?

Online betting software allows, for example, the betting system frequently used as Money-Line bets, betting on winner/loser for events and sports. But it can also go much further. In fact, using statistics accurately (the key to forecasts), many times you will find other types of markets to use to combine them with each other. Obviously, the best thing will be to use lower but probable odds, since the synergy between them will be what will give them value:

  • Goal range bets: It will be less frequent to see, but if in a match you are not sure who will win, but the statistics clearly point to a match with few or many goals, with interesting odds, why not use them?
  • Double chance bets: Very interesting for the betting system if your goal is to generate security plus
  • They may not be the best idea for the betting system as they are already markets with great difficulty, but high odds. Of course, if you are right, the prizes will be very large.