Video Poker online gambling

Poker is one of the oldest games on the book for gambling, also one of the most fun. Nowadays, poker is an official sport, a very competitive one, you can even watch poker competition in television.

As part of the spirit of poker, betting is practically an essential part of poker, it gives it that competitive sentiment. Also, these poker championships we talk about, they are carried out by players who gamble a lot of money in tournaments.

With the pandemic going on, the online video poker modality has taken a great fame, and that’s what this post is about. You will learn how to play poker online, the best sites to do it, and some tricks to improve your experience.

Video poker gambling consists in playing poker on a virtual table, where everyone has its camera on and play poker. You are playing real poker, and you will see your opponent’s face, but in your computer.

If you are a poker player looking for some gambling to do, you should keep reading this post.

How to play Poker online?

You can find tons of different websites to play poker online, but we will have to state an important different before going into them. There are sites made purely for fun, if you want to play poker but don’t want to gamble you can perfectly do it.

However, most of the popular sites do allow you to gamble, and if you don’t gamble you can’t play with people gambling. It’s not necessary to have money in order to play poker online, you just need to find a website for that.

On this post, we will focus more on players who would like to place a little gamble on themselves to make it exciting. On these cases, you should be extra careful with the site you choose, because some of them are scam or are full of sharks.

We will provide a list of the best sites to play poker online further on this post. You also need a reliable internet connection, a VISA or MasterCard. And finally, being in one of the states where gambling is legal (in case you are from the US).

Some sites will require you to have camera to show your face, but not all of them.

What are the safest online Poker sites?

These are the best 4 sites to play poker online safely following google:

Bol Poker: This is the most popular site for all gambles, and it is one of the most reliable too. You can be sure that BetOnline will take good care of you, as it has been doing with its clients for years. This site has gambling events and competitions for pretty much all sports, and more.

Bovada poker: Bovada is an amazing site to start playing, basically because of the great bonuses they offer. This site has over 10 years of experience on the market providing different opportunities for gamblers from the US.

SB poker: This is the top 3 site for the US players, they have a really smart and pretty interface to provide you a good experience. Also, you may find interesting that they have fast payouts, and a lot of different deposit methods like crypto currencies.

Ignition poker: Famous for being a site with a strong security, and one of the best for all types of gambling. However, poker players may be particularly interested, as Ignition poker website offers you daily tournaments to play.

How to gamble in Poker online

Gambling in poker online can be so fun, but you should also know how to do it properly to avoid any bad experiences. We will divide the process into the most important steps you have to take.

Create an account: You will have to choose your website to play, we recommend you pick one of the four shown above. After that, you will have to complete the data needed to gamble online, like you name, ID, and others. This is for security, the identity of all bettors has to be correctly verified.

Make your deposit: Once everything is set up, you will have to introduce your money to place bets. You can be sure that your money will be 100% secure form scams, read the security recommendations. Also, you should read the terms for the payments and deposit on the website you choose.

After this, you will be all done to go and have some fun in the poker sections of any online casino.

How to become a successful Poker Player?

There are many good advices I want to give you as an ex-gambler in online poker games. They are the most important, following my experience on the poker game, especially if you are gambling.

  1. Control emotions: When we have some money on the table, we tend to get anxious, and take fast decisions. Even if for some this may look like an asset, it’s not, make sure to be calm and take your time.
  2. Have fun: Many people seem to forget that poker is a game, especially if you bet some money. That’s why, if you want to keep your game enjoyable, make sure to gamble responsibly, if you run out of money, leave the table.

Tips before start betting in Poker

Remember that gambling in poker is a little dangerous, if you let it go out of control, especially if you are just starting. Here are some essential keys to keep having fun and don’t lose all of your money stupidly.

  1. Don’t worry about your image in front the other players
  2. Avoid thinking too much on every hand
  3. Don’t anticipate what you will do on the other hand
  4. Ask questions to the dealer, but when no one is playing
  5. Don’t celebrate your wins in front of other players