What is live betting?

Live betting is a new format to enjoy gambling, and a very interesting one that you must know for sure. Live betting is sports betting, with the great difference that you can gamble with the game in-progress. Live betting can be performed online only; you can’t place this kind of bet in non-online sportsbooks.

This will allow you to calculate better, and have more chances of winning, and also is more dynamic. Although betting is an odds game, with a little experience you learn to turn the odds in your favor.

You will learn how to get into live betting and actually win some money in the process in this article. We are not encouraging anyone to bet, you should know that betting is not a way to make money.

Live betting is one of the best ways to bet, be3cause differently to other kinds of bet, it not completely relying on luck. Live betting also requires some skill, and making decision based on many factors.

Watching the game live, the players perform, and the nature of the game can give you a good idea on who you should bet for.

How does in game or live betting works?

Basically, you can’t place a bet until the game starts, and the odds are revealed after some time in the game. For example, if we have team red and team blue playing, we would have the following situation:

In this case, let’s say both teams are playing Basketball, which is a pretty changing game.

Supposing Team red is up by 20 points, team red has become the “favorite”, a term used for the person with more winning chances. In that case, team blue would become the “underdog”, a term used for the team with lower winning chances.

If you place a bet on the underdogs, your earnings will be higher, and placing a bet on the favorites will lower your earnings. So, placing a bet on the underdog team can make you win a lot of money. While placing a bet on the favorite team will give you low earnings or even make you lose money.

How much you earn with your bets will depend on the casino you decide to bet on. There are casinos or gambling sites with really good offerings, but it will depend on which you choose.

We will discuss the best sites for live betting further on this article.

Strategy to win in game betting

There are many strategies and different “tips and tricks” to help you won more bets than usual. However, remember that losing is completely natural when you are gambling.

The most common one involves betting in different websites on the same match in different moments. But there are more tactics, like trying to predict who will win depending on the performance you see in the match.

We will divide them, and explain these two as an example, but there are many other tips to take into account.

  1. Gambling on different stages of the game: It consists in placing a bet for the underdog team in a determined moment. If further in the game, the other team happens to become the underdog after being the favorite, placing a bet on that one. Usually this kinds of bet are successful, because you win money regardless of who wins the game.
  2. Calculating odds: There are really amazing people who can almost predict the result of a game depending on the performance. Which means that they see how the game develop, how a team is doing in the game, and more data. Based on that information they take a decision on who they will bet for. But again, it will depend on luck.

What are the best sports for live betting?

If you are looking for something to bet on, you have to know that the solution is not betting on the popular sports. There are many things to consider like, how competitive the bets are, how much betting opportunities, and more.

Knowing which sports are worth betting will depend on your strategies and your style of betting. A huge factor to consider is how much you know about the game you are betting on.

That’s why the best advice is to choose the game that you know the most. Because as you know the game, you will know how to calculate the odds better, rather than a game you know nothing about.

If still you want to try something else, here are some suggestions:

Websites for in game betting

BetUS: It’s a popular site that will offer you a 125% bonus of your first credit, and a really good platform to bet. This one of the best for starter, because you can comfortably bet from the app, and you get paid immediately every bet.

BetOnline: This site offers you literally everything you need; you can have excellent time over here. They have articles, advices, and good service in all sports you look for, fighting sports, football, basketball, and many others. They are praised for their excellent customer service, something you should try out.

Bovada: It’s an interesting site because of their cutting edge technology on live betting to offer the odds, and the great bonuses opportunities! They offer less games than the average online casino, but the platform is really well-made.

Also a good place to start if you are new, because they have tons of content that you can see with rules and frequently asked questions. So, you should definitely try this page to start getting around with a live casino experience.

  • Basketball: Considered the best because of the changing pace of the game, is so unstable. That can give you good chances of placing a winner bet on the underdog, and is also very popular.
  • Horse Racing: For those who know very well this sport, you can almost predict the future when you calculate the odds. Of course, this is not absolute, but there are no massive factors to consider, and is relatively fast.
  • ESports: Videogames are different to regular sports, these are easier to calculate, and there is a lot of competition. Also, if you know a game that you like, betting on it can be really fun.