What to look for when choosing a per head service provider

When starting your bookie empire, one of the most intimidating factors you will face has to do with choosing which per head website to partner with.  Pick the wrong partner, and your bottom-line will pay for it.

There are literally dozens of companies now in the per head business arena, and it’s not always exactly easy to distinguish the differences between them.  In the following article, we highlight several aspects and topics you should take into account when choosing your bookie software provider.

The Best Customer Service Attitude

Isn’t it frustrating when you call a customer service line and you can hardly understand the person on the other side of the call?  Or how about when you call and the person on the other side sounds grouchy like you just woke them up or sounds upset like as if you were “interrupting” his quiet time or something?  Now imagine having thousands of dollars on the line in a game, needing timely and professional support and having someone like that answer the phone!   What if it was your VIP customer calling in to place a high value bet and instead of professional service he is getting yelled at by such failing “customer service reps”?

When calling and speaking with your per head operator’s customer service staff, carefully listen and observe to see if the person on the other side of the line has an overall friendly demeanor, or if, to the contrary, they are making it loud and clear that YOU are bothering him/her, or somehow interrupting them from something else “more important” than YOU!  This is REALLY important.  Never settle for poor or downright bad customer service!  

Remember, this is the SAME tone of voice YOUR CUSTOMERS will receive if and when they call in, and that bad attitude being transmitted is going to reflect squarely and solely on YOU!  The competition is increasingly fierce.  You simply cannot afford to give customers any reason or excuse to stop doing business with you.  Always demand the best customer service.  This should be a basic, non-negotiable requirement.

Experience and dependability.
When evaluating a price per head service provider, be sure to ask all pertinent questions to ensure the people you are considering to do business with not only demonstrate that they CARE about your business needs, but also KNOW and UNDERSTAND what you are talking about.  

Usability and Reachability.

Business deals happen at all times of the day and night! Oftentimes, per head agents require assistance during off and odd hours, and although websites now come equipped with many online tools that accommodate a large variety of transactions and settings, you should make certain that when YOU need help, the price per head shop you choose to give your valuable business to, WILL BE AVAILABLE to assist you.


Write down a list of what things are most important and valuable to your business. Be sure to lay out all your specific questions and requirements as not all operators can offer you the same level of flexibility and customization options. Perhaps you want to offer your customers greyhound race tracks but your provider didn’t know and doesn’t carry that.  Or perhaps you wanted to offer your players a custom line type with special vig settings but you later learn they could not accommodate that.  Or maybe you need to implement an online cashier system.  To be successful in your bookie business, you need a partner backed by solid experience, and with ample flexibility in terms of the options they can offer you.  You want to go with a provider that has a variety of SOLUTIONS for addressing your current business’ needs as well as your projected growth, and one that is always happy to work hand in hand with you to implement them.

Truebookies\’, Operations Manager for said: “As someone who has been in the business for well over 20 years, having first-hand experience dealing with the needs of organizations of all sizes has been extremely helpful and instrumental towards our success. It’s so comforting for agents when they know they can approach you with all their questions, and know they will always receive a respectful attitude and helpful response.”

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